Chamomile Roman 3%

Chamomile Roman 3%

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Chamomile Roman essential oil supports relaxation and restoration. It has a general calming quality and is especially gentle for children and babies. This product has been created as a body blend with nourishing Jojoba carrier oil.


Chamomile Roman blends well with Lavender True, Sandalwood & Chamomile German.



Jojoba Oil golden

Chamomile Roman* 3%.







To support an easy transition into restful sleep, add 2 drops to pulse points before bedtime, or when sleep is disturbed. Alternatively you may add 2 drops to a teaspoon of honey, keep in your month as long as possible prior to swallowing (this method is only suitable for adults).



As a natural response to discomfort caused by teething, add 1 drop to 1ml of Sweet Almond oil and rub on baby's neck and cheek, as required. Or a few drops on a warm cloth pressed to the cheek where the tooth is coming through. Repeat as required.


Baby & Child's Tummy

Add 1 drop to 1/4 tsp of Sweet Almond oil and massage into the tummy in a clockwise direction, as required. This will assist the processes of healthy digestion to counter spasms and/or tummy disorders. Repeat as required.


Nervous System

This essential oil may be especially beneficial at night-time as a response to anxiety, stress or worry. Add 3 drops to a bath or to a diffuser prior to bedtime, or apply 2 drops to wrist and ankle pulse points. Safe to repeat every night.



Safety considerations:


Essential oils are potent plant medicine, please use as advised.


10 ml