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Belle Bird is a family of plant-based, natural skincare products that are made by hand from a lovingly formulated blend of organic oils and butters - designed to give your skin maximum nutrition and protection from the elements.

Originally designed by Belle Bird founder Meg, who was working long hours in challenging conditions on international film sets and who needed a product that would feed her skin and stand the test of time out in the elements. She made a product now called the NOURISH balm to soothe and protect her skin and from there, a whole range was born. Developed from a seed of inspiration based on Ayurvedic principles of nourishing mind, body and soul with daily rituals of self care, a small range grew. Over time Meg has studied in the world of herbology and has extended that knowledge into her products. She wants to share the magic of plants, the philosophy of conscious purchasing and the goal of an organic planet sustained by fair practice and kindness.

The Belle Bird dream is for you and mother earth both, to be beautiful together.

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