Country Kitchen

At Country kitchen, Hannah grows over 100 medicinal herbs utilising traditional organic growing methods. These herbs are harvested during the seasons and are used to make the infused oils, plant extracts and hydrosols. The potent infused oils are made by macerating and infusing the medicinal herbs into organic and high quality carrier oils for four weeks, they are then strained and used throughout the range. The hydrosols that are crafted in the studio are created by placing the plant matter into the alembic copper still, the steam erupts the plants cellular walls capturing the magic within them. The steam then condenses back into water, creating the hydrosol. She respects and deeply understands the alchemy and transition the plant journeys through in this process. These hydrosols (the spirit of the plant) are used instead of water in our creams. The essential oils (the soul of the plant) are not separated from these hydrosols, by doing this she keep plants in as whole form as possible. Over production, the priority is high quality, making her work unique, slower and embodied with intention and purpose that results in the purest elixirs that nourish your skin. She plants, grows and strives to have direct contact when working with the herbs and botanicals in the gardens. This connection defines the heart of the products, it is powerful and this relationship will harmonise spiritually, emotionally and physically. Every drop of this skin care is made with intention and purpose, so enjoy the products and nature that flows through them at its absolute purest.

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