Our store is a carefully curated space, specifically designed to nurture you. Stepping through the door is like coming home: the first thing you’ll notice is an all-enveloping sense of calm. Not only is the store filled with beautiful objects for your eyes to rest on; you’ll find delights for all your other senses as well. If the scents spilling from the diffuser don’t sweep you into olfactory heaven, you’ll be able to luxuriate in our range of natural perfumes and handmade lotions.

Either way, you will always be greeted by a warm smile and a hot cup of tea.

Yoga Studio

Open, light, and spacious, our Studio is situated upstairs in the Matakana Complex. Offering an expansive view over the Matakana river, it’s the perfect place to get lost in your practice.

Our fun-loving, experienced teachers offer Pilates and Yoga classes Monday through Saturday, for all ages and levels of experience.

Earth Room

Connected to the Tea and Tonic Store, the Earth Room is a cosy, intimate, private room offering a space for one-on-one consultations with our practitioners.

Sky Room

Connected to the Tea and Tonic Yoga Studio, the Sky Room is a light, spacious, private room offering a space for one-on-one treatments with our practitioners.

The Sky Room is available for hire if you are a practitioner looking for a space.


To hire the Yoga Studio, Earth Room or Sky Room please email