Please arrive at least five minutes before class starts so you have time to settle in.

Please inform your teacher if you have an injury or if you are pregnant.

We recommend you consult your GP before attending a yoga or Pilates class in order to make sure you can practice safely.

Please let your teacher know if you do not wish to receive physical adjustments.

We recommend not eating a heavy meal one hour prior to your yoga class.

Wear comfortable active wear and bring warmer layers for post-class relaxation.

Bring your own water bottle.

Straps and blocks are provided.

Yoga mats are available, but feel free to bring your own.

All our classes are drop-in classes. We have space for up to 20 yogis.

Be mindful and quiet before and after class, as some students will be relaxing.

Please turn your cell phone to silent or airplane mode during the yoga class.