Alexandra Davids

Auckland-born Alex lived in the US for 10 years and the UK for another 10 years before recently moving back to New Zealand. She learned yoga as a child from her mother, but found her own practice in London where she studied with the Power Yoga Company. Alex loves the immersive flow of Vinyasa, which enables you to switch off your mind and completely tune into your breath:

"Yoga is my grounding, and my elevation all at once. I hope to bring those elements to my students every time we practice."

Alex is also a certified integrative health coach and business-owner. In this work, she supports executives with their high performance and sustainability needs. Alex believes deeply in the power in connecting with others, and knows that change always starts with ourselves.

Alex is incredibly grateful for her friends, family and community, and loves our beautiful local environment. Playing with her three children and husband in the ocean air always brings a smile to her face, and she is always seeking out a great smoothie or new salad.

Hannah Holloway

Hannah was born and raised in the Rodney district, and returned to the area with her partner to raise their young family after travelling and completing her Bachelor of Health Science in Physiotherapy.

As a Physiotherapist, Hannah can see the benefits Pilates has on injury prevention and muscle balance. She trained through the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) and has been teaching for the past five years, in both group classes and private sessions.  Pilates enables full body communication, strengthening key stabilisers of the body. This allows for greater flexibility and functional movement, giving you more enjoyment of the things you love doing. 

“I love how Pilates is suitable for everyone and assists positive transformation of our bodies.”

Hannah enjoys biking, exploring the regional parks, and climbing Tamahunga with her family and friends, and feels very lucky to be living and working in this amazing area.

"Be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi.

Kelly Barr

Kelly Barr is a mother to three children under 10, and a qualified Occupational Therapist specialising in paediatrics. Occupational therapy and yoga are closely aligned, as both take a holistic approach to a person’s overall well-being. An intermittent yoga student, Kelly’s practice bloomed once she came to understand the philosophies of yoga, and its transformative impact in people’s lives. Stars aligned in Kelly’s own life when she got married in Leigh and moved to Matakana, leading her to become a children’s yoga teacher.

Kelly and her family are grateful to be living in this magical area, where they have an amazing “extended backyard” of beaches and parks to explore. Kelly feels it’s an honour to teach the next generation how to navigate through this world with self love, empowerment, and inner strength. Her (up to) 45 minute-long yoga classes are inclusive to children of all abilities and are not competitive or judgmental. No matter their level, young yogis will feel valued and accepted. 

Luzie Pfund

Having gained her yoga certification from the Sacred Paths Yoga Institute in Bali, Luzie Pfund loves to share her knowledge and yoga experience. Her focus is the balance of Yin and Yang, the passive and active, the lunar and solar, the feminine and masculine energies, with the goal of leaving the yogi feeling centred and harmonious.

Luzie’s earlybird vinyasa flow class starts with a breathing exercise to calm the mind, followed by an energising flow of yoga poses and releasing stretches to conclude. Suitable for all levels of practice, this class helps you prepare for the day ahead with personal modifications and adjustments from your teacher.

For those seeking a more relaxing and restorative practice, Luzie also teaches a yin class designed to help you balance your hectic lifestyle, and compliment high intensity workouts. Supported through long-held, floor-based poses with props, you will be able to unwind and release deeply-held tension in your tissues and joints.

Wendy Douglas

Wendy was first introduced to Ashtanga Yoga (synchronising breath with movement) 20 years ago and although she may have tried many styles, she always seems to come back to Ashtanga. After long breaks and an irregular practice for some time, Wendy really tapped into the therapeutic nature of yoga three years ago, establishing a regular practice which helped her get through a challenging time in her life. She completed a Yoga Teacher Training Course at the end of 2017, giving her a deeper understanding of Ashtanga Yoga.

Wendy is excited to share her passion, teaching fun and lightness within the practice. She hopes people will get more than just yoga when they attend her classes. It’s about sharing the experience of the practice, helping people to fully connect with their whole selves, encouraging and uplifting people in their day to day lives, and building a community of like-minded people.

“It’s not your history but your presence on your mat that matters".