Cypress Deodorant Cream

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This deodorant is a 100% natural cream that fights odour with powerful yet gentle botanical ingredients to keep your underarms feeling fresh all day. This formula is easily absorbed and non-irritating to sensitive skin, with a long lasting odour protection for both men and women. Non-greasy with a dry application and therefore will not stain clothes.


Organic Ingredients:

Shea Butter, Coconut oil, Magnesium oil, Kaolin Clay, Hand-crafted Sage Extract, Aluminum-free Sodium Bicarbonate, Arrowroot Powder.

Essential oils of Cypress, Lavender and Tea Tree.



NOTE : This product contains kaolin clay to help with the detoxification of chemicals from previous harsh deodorants if used. Some experience the detoxification including excess sweating or odour for a few days at the beginning of use.