Country Kitchen Wild Flower and Sea Buckthorn Cream
Country Kitchen Wildflower and Sea Buckthorn Cream
Country Kitchen Wildflower and Sea Buckthorn Cream

Wildflower & Sea Buckthorn Face Cream

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On Winter days we find ourselves seeking sunlight, a little warmth and that slight summer glow. This face cream was made on one of those days, resembling the sun with its beautiful golden colour and natural glow it gives the skin. This rich and silky cream heals and repairs, making it perfect for dull winter skin. 

Wild flowers of Wild Jasmine, Chinese Honey Suckle and self sown Calendula are harvested in spring and summer from the Country Kitchen garden.

Sea Buckthorn is naturally deep yellow in colour and an incredible skin healer to aid in repairing damaged skin. The organic Carrot Seed oil and Raspberry Leaf oil give this cream natural SPF properties.


This is a very thick and rich face cream, you will only need a tiny amount per application. Place a little on the palm of your hand after cleansing, rub your palms together to warm the cream then apply it over your face and neck.   


Organic Ingredients:

Wildflower infused Coconut oil, Chamomile infused Jojoba oil, Sea Buckthorn oil, Carrot Seed oil, Raspberry Leaf oil, Calendula Hydrosol, Orange Blossom Hydrosol, Witch hazel, Aloe Vera gel, Beeswax, Vitamin E and a blend of essential oils.


60 ML