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Storm & India Beauty Tea

Storm & India Beauty Tea

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Storm & India

A subtle mix of Chinese Green Tea, Orange and Spice create this unique flavour. A touch of Ginger plays its part by removing toxins from your body, and the mineral-rich Black Pepper is naturally antibacterial.

The bespoke stainless steel tea tins are designed to store the tea and keep its full aromatic flavour and are made from food grade stainless steel which you can refill.


Serve - Straight. 

Measure - 1 Teaspoon Per Cup.

Brewing Temperature - 90°C.

Brewing Time - 3 Minutes.


Organic Ingredients:

Organic Green Tea Ming Mee • Cinnamon •  Orange Peel •  Ginger Bits • Natural Flavour • Cardamom • Cloves • Sunflower Blossoms* •  Black Pepper*.

*Certified Organic  

Contains Caffeine.

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