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Storm & India English Breakfast

Storm & India English Breakfast

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Storm & India

This golden tea has delicious malt and coppery notes, and a subtle spice undertone. A o7blended tea with round, full-body flavour, it’s an iconic morning brew that’s warming and satisfying. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a plant-based breakfast.


The bespoke stainless steel tea tins are designed to store the tea and keep its full aromatic flavour, and are made from food grade stainless steel which you can refill.



Serve - Straight black or with a splash of milk and organic sugar.

Measure - 1 teaspoon per cup.

Brewing Temperature - 100°C.

Brewing Time - 3 minutes.



Organic Ingredients:

Organic Assam Black Tea.*



*Certified Organic 



Contains Caffeine.

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