Kete Of 3

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Primrose bees wrap is made from natural ingredients, 100% cotton, pure beeswax, tree resin and coconut oil.

Made by our friend Sarah, who sources her bees wax locally she hand crafts with an aim to eliminate plastic in our environment. Here at Tea & Tonic, that’s what we are all about!


In a kete of 3 is 3x of one size; Medium, Small or Tiny.


Medium wrap:

Ideal for wrapping over the top of a bowl or plate, wrapping over a large block of cheese or vegetables.



Small wrap:

Great for nuts, seeds and other small snacks. Cover an avocado, small bowl or plate, or wrap around smaller cheeses.



Tiny wrap:

Can cover half a lemon, onion, or fresh ginger. Perfect for over the top of a jar, or for small snacks on the go in the kids lunch boxes.