His Ceramics Gift Box

His Ceramics Gift Box

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A gift box with a selection of artisan treasures, created especially for Dad this father's day. 

Honest Chocolat's Marlborough Sea Salt tablet is handmade in Matakana Village using one of the world’s finest chocolates. This tablet is 72% cacao paired with organic Marlborough Sea Salt which enhances the subtle sweetness, softens bitterness, and brings a touch of minerality.

Single Origin | Ethically Sourced | Gluten Free | Vegan | Soy Free


Frolic Ceramics are locally made by Vicki Fanning. Each piece is created by hand and therefore totally unique.

The miso bowl is perfect for a miso soup or breakfast granola, serve salads or soups in the soup bowl, and present any meal beautifully on the plate bowl.

Choose from a Black, Grey, Blush or White glaze.



MONNI Card (handwritten message)

Honest Chocolat Marlborough Sea Salt Tablet (70g)

Frolic Miso Bowl

Frolic Soup Bowl

Frolic Plate Bowl