Red Santal
Red Santal
Red Santal

Red Santal

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A spicy Clove and Pepper opening softens on the skin when the shimmer of Calabrian Bergamot meets the warmth and elegance of classic East Indian Sandalwood.

With top notes of Clove Bud, Pink & Black Pepper, heart notes of Ginger, Bergamot and Thyme and base notes of East Indian, West Indies & Australian Sandalwood enjoy dressing yourself in something this gorgeous. 


All ingredients are naturally sourced from fairtrade & sustainable farming practices. 

Pink Pepper Extract - Reunion Island

Bergamot Oil - Italy

Bergamot Oil - Italy *organic

Ginger Extract - U.S.A. *organic

Ginger Extract - France

Vanilla Extract - Madagascar *fair trade

Vetiver Oil Bourbon - France (Reunion Island)

Vetiver Oil - Sri Lanka *organic

Amyris Oil - West Indies

Sandalwood Oil - Australia

Sandalwood Oil - India

Ambrettolide - *naturally derived 

Grain Alcohol (not denatured) - Italy *organic

Clove Bud Oil - *organic


Available in 15 & 50 mls