Self Love - Auric Spray

Self Love - Auric Spray

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This blend is to help clear and cleanse the negative voice away, to see that the way you look, talk and move through the world are excactly what is needed and destined to come to form. You are a beautiful unique being and enough just as you are.

Enhanced with essences and oils the rose soothes and evokes feelings of love for self and others. Its known to stimulate the release of dopamine which will lift your energy and promotes pleasure.

Frankincense enhances mood, releasing stress and anxiety. This essence connects to your sacred self, the one that knows who you are and guides you.

Sandalwood stimulates your crown chakra which improves your ability to trust in yourself, it raises your self esteem and uplifts all your senses.

Sage releases all that no longer serves you, that which weighs you down and brings in the gentle energy of forgiveness.

Manzinata helps you learn to love and embrace everything about yourself especially your body.

This essence also carries the energy of the temples of Eqypt to help resolve old wounds and open your heart. 


Use the affirmation to suport the work of this essence "in this moment all can be changed."



Spray above your head, in a room to clear energy and around personal or sacred objects.



Rose, Sandalood, Frankincense, Sage, Temples of Egypt, Manzanita, Sacred Water, Brandy.