T3 Temple Detox

T3 Temple Detox

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Organic Temple Detox

Beauty Tofu’s organic pure specialised detox clay is to cleanse your temple from tip to toe. Whether you suffer from problematic skin, digestive issues such as bloating, constipation or gas, skin disorders, body odour or you’re simply just wanting to flush the toxins and impurities our bodies so easily collect these days this is a simple solution. Time for some self love!


Internal Use:

Use one tablespoon with water, juice or in your smoothie followed by a big glass of water. Use until finished. May also be added to your baking or raw treats.


External Use:

Use two teaspoons with water for a purifying face mask.


Or two teaspoons in your bath for the ultimate detox soak. 

Mix one tablespoon with just a tiny amount of water or one tablespoon of coconut yoghurt and mix to make a thick paste, apply as a mask or spot treatment. Leave on for 20-30 minutes.

To remove soften the mask back up using a warm face cloth then wipe gently to remove. We recommend applying one of our serums or creams after for maximum results. Best used in conjunction with healthy eating and exercise.




100% Sodium Montmorillonite Clay. Made using natural and organic ingredients only.