About: Shampoo Bars by Sphaera - Tea & Tonic Matakana

About: Shampoo Bars by Sphaera

I was so happy to open a big beautiful box of Sphaera soap in store just before Christmas.

Immediately the Kukui & White Kaolin clay had a special place in the bathroom, though it was a hard choice between that and the Kawakawa & Activated Charcoal. Each one of them is beautiful & thoughtfully crafted with soft pretty tones and quality ingredients including olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter shea butter & almond milk.

The range offers several bars for deep cleansing for sensitive skin and others with more exfoliating properties.

They pair beautifully with a Rui Ceramics soap dish and I recommend using a dish to optimise the life of your soap.


Amber x

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