Tea & Tonic store window in Matakana Village
Tea and Tonic is a beautiful health store located in Matakana Village with a focus on natural products, made in New Zealand with quality and sustainability in mind.
Often described as a beautiful space filled with delicious scents, we take pride in creating an environment that feels like home, smells like heaven, and looks like Marie Kondo makes a visit every night while we all sleep...
Except that's us.
Part of living a sustainable lifestyle is relishing in the beauty of simplicity, using only what you need, and choosing quality that lasts.
One thing Marie does encourage is "living among items you truly cherish". Now that's something we can really stand behind.
But it's not just us, it's all the creators that stock our shelves, and we are so proud of every single one of them. Almost all of them are New Zealanders or Matakana locals who have incredibly inspiring stories to share about their journey, the origin of their businesses, and the intention and processes behind everything that makes its way to our shelves.


Hannah harvesting flowers in the Country Kitchen gardens to make face cream
We believe it's so much more than a jar of face cream, a perfume or an outfit...
With ranges like Country Kitchen, when you press a cream into your skin, you know it not only smells and feels good, but that it's free of chemicals and preservatives. Instead, they're full of WHOLE plant compounds, oils and essential oils to nourish you in every second it's on your skin.
You know the ingredients were grown on regenerative land not so far from your own home, and that when you're finished, the packaging can be reused or recycled.
With the clothing, when you pull the silk over your skin, it doesn't just look and feel divine, there's a complementary sense of pride, knowing it was made with quality and longevity in mind, by hands that are happy to be crafting an addition to your wardrobe.
The stories behind the brands are equal parts inspiring, heart-warming, and fundamental for us in Tea & Tonic. So much so, they really deserve a moment in the spotlight.
You can find a collection of these stories under "Journal" in the main menu.


Monni and Michelle serving tea to customers at the counter in Tea and Tonic
In everything we do, we're creating spaces that feel like a sanctuary.
A place to retreat from the world to nurture our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.
The store is a sanctuary, our homes are a sanctuary, and we hope we help your home feel more like a sanctuary too.
Drinking tea in Tea & Tonic
We look forward to sharing a little tea with you when you visit, and we hope you feel nourished and inspired by every moment you spend with us in Tea & Tonic.