Tea and Tonic is a beautiful health store located in Matakana Village with a focus on sustainability and supporting women in business.

Founded by Monni Jansen in 2017, Tea and Tonic is often described as a calm sanctuary and beautiful space filled with delicious scents. From the beginning, the vision was to create the most beautiful holistic health store and a platform that could support women in business and inspire a shift towards sustainability.

Through overcoming her own health challenges, Monni realised that all healing starts with love - love for oneself, others and the world around us - and that the health of people and the planet go hand and hand.

This vision carries through to everything she does. From the procurement of local, organic and sustainable products made by women, to her plastic free policy. Greeting customers with complementary tea and providing spaces for treatments, healers and workshops.

“Single use plastics and plastics in general are such a problem in our world and as the retailer, if we are selling things in plastic we are part of the problem and we want to be part of the solution.”

As well as renovating the Tea and Tonic shop using local and recycled materials, Monni has recently opened the Tea & Tonic Yoga Studio, the Earth Room (a consultation space) and the Sky Room (a treatment space).

With a focus on an integrated approach to wellness, vitality and happiness, Tea and Tonic is a must visit to enjoy a tea, discover the most beautiful sustainable products and be nurtured on all levels.


Monni & the Tea & Tonic Team x