Meet Dr Sandra Clair from Artemis - Tea & Tonic Matakana

Meet Dr Sandra Clair from Artemis

We are excited to bring you some special words from Dr Sandra Clair, founder of Artemis.

Dr Sandra Clair is one of New Zealand’s most qualified plant medicine experts, a medical anthropologist and the founder of Artemis.

You may have tried the Artemis tea range we stock at Tea and Tonic or used some of their herbal support formulas to help your family with their chills, ills, aches and pains.

From Sandra:

“I have been a clinician for more than 25 years, driven by the genuine desire to make it easy and pleasurable to look after our health. My vision has long been to share my knowledge of plants to benefit the health of our communities.

I was fortunate to grow up in Switzerland, at the foothills of the Swiss Alps – a living, breathing, natural pharmacy. In parallel to my academic studies I undertook a traditional apprenticeship with Franciscan nun, midwife and medical herbalist, Sister Pauline, who was an inspiration and a teacher to me. I experienced the healing power of plants and was honoured when Sister Pauline passed on to me the most significant medical textbook on Traditional European Medicine, a 500-year-old Materia Medica, containing in depth collected knowledge about plants used for therapeutic healing. To this day I consult this book when formulating Artemis products.

After moving to New Zealand, I established a health clinic in Dunedin, and also developed a special appreciation for the alpine hills of Central Otago where I found natural beauty and exceptional plants, strengthened by the harsh climate and environment they thrive in. In 1998 I founded Artemis and alongside my academic research and representation on industry bodies, I continue to lead the research and development programmes, including formulating new products.

I live in an eco sanctuary on the stunningly beautiful Otago Peninsula. Rugged during wild weather, with stunning views when the sun is up, and peppered with wildlife, this is truly a special place to recharge when I am juggling the many challenges business and life throw at me. I get out amongst it every day as it is nature that holds my vision to contribute to New Zealand by helping Kiwis become happier and healthier people through my work. I think as a country we need to be more proactive about looking after our health rather than waiting until we are sick. Plant medicine is an effective fence at the top of the cliff, so that we don’t need that ambulance waiting at the bottom.

Artemis' values have remained unchanged since our business was founded. That's because they are the heart of our business, - they are our why, our founding principles and how we operate every day."

Consistently caring | Committed to what works | Kaitiaki (guardian) of nature and healing

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