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Beatrice from Beauty Ceutical Co

We had a chat with our good friend Beatrice from Beauty Ceutical Co.  

What are the most important values that guide your business direction?

Beauty Ceutical Company values revolve around:

  • Honesty & integrity in our actions and decisions
  • Doing the right thing for our community and the planet
  • Quality and science backed products
  • Glamour: we all want to feel a little bit glamorous and special when using beautiful products

When challenges present themselves, what do you draw upon to guide and navigate you?

I used to try to rationalise challenges and took them very seriously. However I’ve found that instead of trying to think my way through challenges, often feeling is the answer. Feeling into the present moment, feeling my breath, feeling where I can sense the emotions in my body. This gives me the space and quiet to reconnect to a knowing that can guide me forward. 

What do you find yourself dreaming about?

Places of peace and nature. I live in the city and life can be so full at times so I sometimes find my mind wandering to places of peace such as a spring garden coming into bloom, walking along a beach and imagining the sand between my toes; the sea breeze in my hair; the feel of the sun on my face. Nature is our true home, and when I don’t take the time to connect to it, my mind notices. 

What are you currently quietly cultivating in your life?

I recently read something that said: “What if self-improvement isn’t what it’s all about. What if self-remembering is all we need to do: we simply get to let go and be our true, brilliant selves”. Through journaling, meditating and reflecting I’m quietly exploring the areas where I’m holding on to ideas; stories and the past, and letting go to allow the joy, energy and fire that is within me to shine through.

If one sentence could change the world, what would you say?

Live compassionately. 

So much of our struggle comes from forgetting to be compassionate to ourselves and others. Forgetting that this human experience is one we all share and that is a lot smoother if we approach life with compassion.

When in doubt… ?

Be present. Being present can be really tough when we are feeling doubtful or unsure, but these feelings come from a focus on the future. Being in the present moment, feeling your feet on the earth, noticing the beautiful details in your surroundings, placing your hand on your heart and focusing on what’s important to you in the NOW all help to ease anxiety about the future.

What do you think businesses need to be thinking about?

If any business isn’t thinking about their environmental impact already they absolutely need to be! I’d like to think that in 2021 that was a given. 

Outside of that businesses need to be thinking about the positive impact they want to have on the world. As businesses we have platforms (however big or small) to influence and share, and we get to use those platforms to elevate our communities.

What kind of support brought you to this moment now?

The support of my partner gives me a huge amount of strength. He encourages me to face the things I try to ignore and is always there for me, whether it be a hug, a cry, a brainstorming session or a brain dump. I am forever grateful for him.

How do you find time to nourish your inner being?

It has to be a non-negotiable otherwise I begin to notice the impact of not committing to myself. In the morning I nourish my inner being through movement and meditation. On busy mornings this might look like 20 mins of movement and a quick breathing session. It’s not necessarily about how long I do it for, but that I am prioritising myself, even if it's just for 5 minutes. 

In the evenings when I get into bed I journal about what I’m grateful for from the day. It only takes 5 minutes but it helps to train my mind to see the positive, and fills me with gratitude for the blessings in my life.

What’s a quick fix remedy you absolutely rely on or trust?

Going for a quick walk in nature and focusing on things like the colour of the sky or leaves rustling on the trees, or having a hot drink and sitting with it being present. Basically, activities that encourage presence.

What are you most proud of and how do you celebrate the little moments?

I’m proud of my determination and how it has led me to live a life that I am really grateful for. I’m proud of my family, my friends and the people I love - they are all incredible. 

I celebrate the little moments by letting the sensation of joy and excitement flood through my body and being really present with that moment of bliss.

What does beauty mean to you?

To me, beauty is sensual appreciation. The trees turning autumnal reds and yellows, how I feel when I’m wearing something silky and smooth, the taste of dark chocolate, my skin when I’ve done exercise and I can feel it’s glow, the sound of live music. Beauty is anything that pleases the senses, be it sight, taste, touch, smell or hearing.

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