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Everything you need to know about Ear Candling

You may have seen our ear wax candles in store but perhaps not sure how to use them.

Here is a step by step flow:

  • Step 1: Set the space. You're going to need around 15-25 minutes each ear (depending on how fast they burn), so get comfy and play some music. Make sure to tie your hair up if it's long. Get a cup of water to have by your side as the end so you can pop the candle straight in when you're done to avoid dripping wax.
  • Step 2: Lay on your side having your neck as neutral as possible so the candle stays upright. Light the end of the candle that has white fabric, the smooth tip goes into your ear.
  • Step 3: Breathe and relax. You will hear a crackling sound as the wax burns. Burn the candle down to 8cm (you may want to mark this point prior to lighting).
  • Step 4: Slowly remove the candle from your ear and place into the cup of water.
  • Step 5: Repeat the other side. 

Be mindful not to get water in your ears for 24 hours after clearing. 

These come in two sizes; adults & kids and ear candles can be purchased instore at Tea & Tonic Matakana

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