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Five Herbs To Improve Your Health This Autumn

Drink more water - sound familiar? You’re not alone.

75% of people are chronically dehydrated and only manage to drink up to 2 glasses of water daily. As we enter the cooler months, water consumption tapers off even more, leaving us feeling tired, sluggish and forgetful.. with dry skin and more wrinkles! As we get deeper into Autumn, start boosting your water intake with these five caffeine-free herbs to support your health and wellbeing.

Caffeine: found in coffee, black, green and white tea is a diuretic. This means you tend to visit the bathroom more often to open your water channels after drinking a cup or two. Take note of the colour: Amber or burnt orange? You’re already dehydrated. Every cup of caffeinated concoction should be replaced with two cups of water to replenish the loss.

These are naturally free from caffeine and contain a variety of nutrients and plant compounds that are beneficial towards your health... while you’re increasing your water count for the day!

    A gentle herb used for centuries to promote a calm mind and soothe the digestion. Safe for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women, chamomile tea is an excellent go-to herb for the evening to support digestion and get you ready for a peaceful night’s sleep. Also abundant in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile is useful for anyone suffering from mild pain or fever, including menstrual cramps or teething babies.
    Often found in the pantry and used for cooking, this humble culinary herb is packed with plant constituents, antioxidants and vitamins to really boost your vitality while keeping you hydrated. Studies have found coriander seed may help to reduce blood-sugar levels in people with diabetes, improve memory and support healthy skin and hair growth. Combined wonderfully with a teaspoon of local honey and fresh lemon, coriander seed tea is a great to kick start the day.
    A powerful mood enhancer, lavender has been used to reduce symptoms of both anxiety and depression. As aromatherapy, the scent of a freshly brewed cup of lavender tea works to de-stress the mind and elevate the mood while consuming the calming plant compounds at the same time. Lavender can be useful for people with insomnia with a cup of lavender tea to promote a restful night’s sleep.
    For those with a sweet tooth, liquorice root is the perfect inclusion to any herbal blend. Not only used as a natural sweetener, liquorice root is also an adrenal tonic and adaptogen to help reduce stress and restore the adrenal glands. The powerful anti-inflammatory effect of liquorice root also helps to soothe an irritated digestive tract in people with food sensitivities, as well as reduce symptoms of reflux and indigestion.
    Mildly tasting, nettle adds a punch of powerful minerals to your water intake. Exceptionally rich in iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium, a nettle leaf infusion can be added to your drink bottle and sipped throughout the day to replenish your nutritional status. The minerals found in nettle leaf have been shown to lower blood pressure, calm the nervous system and strengthen hair, skin and nails.

So, as the air gets cooler, and the natural environment around us starts to slow down, gather your health-boosting herbs, turn the kettle on and start to absorb the healing power of plants and water.

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