Often mistaken as 'magic mushrooms', these mushrooms have hundreds of therapeutic benefits, including supporting a healthy immune system. 

Mushrooms like these are classified as 'adaptogenic'. This means their properties help our body to adapt to stress, changes and transitions through life. The more we can adapt to life, the more ease you will find. 

Jess & Emily from Mother Made value conscious consumption so you can rest assured that their packaging is made from recycled cardboard and their mushrooms are sustainably farmed. 

These mushrooms come conveniently in capsules as sometimes the powders can take awhile to get used to if you're not game for a funky taste.  

The Full Collection: 

- AM: Mushroom Powder (Lion's Mane, Cordyceps, Chaga)

- PM: Mushroom Powder (Reishi, Shiitake, Turkey's Tail)

- Energy Mushroom Capsule (Cordyceps)

- Brain Mushroom Capsule (Lions Mane)

- Relax Mushroom Capsule (Reishi)

My personal favourite is the AM blend. Lion's Mane to help with my forgetful brain, Cordyceps for immunity and Chaga for inflammation.