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Good For Everything – soft and nourishing for hands and body

What I love about the Santosa Good for Everything Wash is that it doesn’t dry my skin out and my hands feel soft after washing.

In my practice as a tarot reader I invite clients to wash their hands before their reading and I often get asked “why?”

Washing our hands is a simple act of cleansing away anything unwanted and encourages the client to approach the deck with fresh uplifted energy. Over the years I have offered hundreds of readings, meaning hundreds of people have handled the cards and hygiene is always important to me, regardless of the times we’re in.

Many tarot readers don’t let clients touch the cards but being a kinaesthetic person myself I encourage clients to shuffle, cut and pick their cards so they can trust that the wisdom coming through is their very own.

Not only do I use Santosa in my tarot practice, it’s also in my kitchen and bathroom sitting on a Frolic Ceramics abstract tray. I trust that no harm has been caused in the creation of these products and no harm can come from their use and disposal.

Refills are available too and the bottles are great to re-purpose. As always the whole process from start to creation is an important consideration in any sustainable practice.

Amber x

Good For Everything Wash

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