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Hand Washing Using Sphaera's Laundry Bar

Hand washing reminds me of my grandmother’s mother….I imagine all the women in the world whose daily activities involve bending over a sink, river or bowl to wash their own and their families clothing.

There is something universal in this simple action and it could be one of those moments that get passed over due to a busy mind, already on to the next task on the endless to-do list.

I’ve decided to stop multi-tasking and it feels like a radical step forward in this pressured world. If I’m having lunch, I’m having lunch. If I am talking with a friend, I am with them.

When I am washing my clothes, I am washing my clothes – feeling the water, paying attention to the details of the fabric. At age 44 I suspect I’ve lost so much of my life to inattention.

Slowing down and appreciating what’s directly in front of me is my new way. Washing my garments with the Sphaera Laundry Bar I noticed how gentle it is – on my skin, on my stains, on the fabric...

It’s lovely to use and it suits the most delicate of garments fine natural fibres like linen, wool & cotton. I had to work awhile to get my blueberry smoothie stains out of my white dress but it didn’t cause any fabric damage.

It’s important to drain & dry this soap between uses, otherwise it swells and looses its shape so best to have a Rui Ceramics Soap Dish for the ready.

There is not a long list of ingredients in this and my skin could tell… it has simple things; coconut oil, orange, lavender, sandalwood and sodium hydroxide plus water.

If you’re busy, don’t have any gloves or want a moment of serene staring into water you could do some hand washing and slow down into your breath.

You’re in good hands.

Amber x

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