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Sustain your energy throughout the day

In our Holistic Health tip series we answer questions that have been asked instore to help with wellness. Are you tired throughout the day with highs and lows of energy?

There are simple and effective ways to help sustain your energy throughout the day. Here are some key tips:

  1. Clean Your Mouth - Before ingesting anything, brush your teeth, floss and use a tongue scraper. Having a clean mouth helps your body absorb nutrients better.
  2. Kick Start Your Liver - Try drinking warm lemon water, dandelion coffee or apple cider vinegar. This will help to kick start your liver and improve digestion.
  3. Balanced Snacks and Meals - Our body requires a balance of different tastes and textures, including taste, fat, sugar, protein, pleasure, availability, ease, digestive comfort, cravings, heat/cooling, emotional comfort, and memory/nostalgia/childhood connections. Adding a few almonds to a banana, herbs to hummus and crackers or good quality cheese to a carrot can make all the difference.
  4. Eat Quality Nutrition - Support local businesses who make artisan products, and choose sourdough, free-range meats, spray-free produce, local olive oil or nut producers, and fresh milk. Eat less but with more nutrition and health benefits.
  5. Use Good Quality Oils - Avoid heating oils and opt for coconut or olive oil. Use raw oils for salad dressings and try to steam or bake food rather than frying or roasting. Fried oils are hard on the liver to digest and can leave you feeling tired.
  6. Fasting - Fasting can take many forms such as light eating, skipping meals, increasing juicing, or partaking in a structured fast. Listen to your body and see what works best for you. If water fasting or fasting for more than a day, take herbs to support the detox process and organs.
  7. Reduce Sugar - Eating more greens and bitters will help to reduce your sugar cravings. If you're still craving sugar, consider a herbal tincture to help you digest protein and balance your blood sugar levels.
  8. Take Supplements - Daily supplements such as zinc, Vitamin C, B vitamins, and an adrenal support or tonic can help you stay well and on top of your game. Take a supplement regime tailored to your needs and wellbeing.
  9. Move Your Body - Our bodies love to move and release any emotional or physical tension. Find a way to move every day, whether it's yoga, dancing, walking, working out, running, or stretching.
  10. Nose Breathe - Our noses are designed to be breathed through. Try some pranayama and learn how to breathe through your nose properly.
  11. Say No - Learn to say no and prioritize your wellbeing. Resentment, obligation and fear can all drain our energy, so when you're on purpose, you're less likely to feel exhausted.
  12. Do What You're Made to Do - Bring purpose, gratitude, and reciprocity into your life. Living an authentic life doesn't make life easier, but it makes you more on purpose and less focused on pleasing others.

These simple tips can make a huge difference in sustaining your energy levels throughout the day. Incorporate them into your routine and see the difference it makes.

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