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How to Eat Right

Your body is an incredibly beautiful and intelligent vessel. Eating well supports you to do the work you are here to do; to love, serve and be an embodied human being. So with that in mind, here are some of our tips for eating right. 

Food can be medicine, also comfort, nutrition and healing. Eat wisely and choose well.

Eat wholefoods; this means beans, lentils, nuts, fruits, vegetables, grains, perhaps a little fish, organic meat and good quality dairy.

Eat when you are hungry and pause before you get too full. Every extra bite you take over your limit becomes a toxic overload for the body to have to manage – so try and not overeat. Don't worry you can eat again soon enough!

Your body will tell you when it is full – this will be a sensation, a breath, a knowing. Honour this. It's designed to be constantly alerting and communicating with your awareness and keeping your balance.

If you do over-eat, have a nice mint tea, take a walk, some triphala and recommit to caring for yourself in the way that you truly desire.

Be organised; have a pantry full of yummy food ready to eat. Have a snack box & stash of healthy food in the car. Use whatever tools you resonate with to support your week: be it a wholefood boxes, my food bag, sharing a meal with friends or buying some pre-made food.

Eat what your intuitive self says; over a whole week you will find that you have had a good balance. Food is part of a ritual of pleasure, connection and joy so eat for enjoyment, colour, natural tastes, flavours and quality nutrition.

Make sure you eat a big salad or green vegetables most days or every couple of days if you miss out.

Pack a smoothie with berries, spirulina, gogi berries, honey and other goodness at least once per week.

Make sure you drink plenty of water – notice when you are actually thirsty rather than being hungry.

Notice what are the best times for you to eat for optimal wellness? It may be a coffee in the morning, followed by a smoothie, an early lunch and dinner with a small snack before bed.

Trust that what you put wisely in your body you will feel the benefits. 

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