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Kim Campbell - The Matakana Naturopath

What do you do?
As a naturopath and nutritionist I take a holistic approach to understand my client’s health concerns. Treating the whole person, not just the symptoms. 
  1. I look at signs in the iris, nails, tongue and skin, as well as pathology results, functional testing and vital signs (blood pressure/pulse). I listen to my client. Their concerns, their goals, their entire case of symptoms and family history. 
  2. I use herbal medicine in the form of tinctures & teas, nutrition via food as medicine with meal planning and recipes, plus prescribing supplementation when needed.
  3. I work with my clients to gain control of their health and feel better, naturally.
When I'm not doing this, I'm being Mama to my two little boys, wife to a chef, or sipping tea and chatting about all things natural & sustainable at Tea & Tonic.

Kim Campbell - Tha Matakana naturopath

What are you most passionate about?

Public health - I’ve been tempted to do my Masters in Public Health as I see there’s a desperate need to make change there... food served in public hospitals, schools, aged care; the readily available junk food and its in-your-face advertising. It makes me sick (pun intended). It’s a massive battle to fight to make any change in the system. Therefore I aim at making a difference via individuals instead. To help people obtain a sustainable approach to health. Whether it’s in a private consultation, workshop or talk, guiding people into understanding food, nutrition, herbs, sustainability and health - and how to incorporate them into their lives…this makes me feel like I’ve made some subtle change for good. Who knows, perhaps once my boys go to school I'll have some extra time for bigger change and I'll be ready to tackle that Masters ;) 


What is your favourite local gem?

Point wells jetties during high tide - for splashing with my two little ones, jumping off freely, or to simply sit during dusk with a bite and vino.


What are your rituals for the small and large life moments?

A new ritual I’ve adopted since recently turning 34 is bush bathing - immersed in lush, native bush to fully soak up all its purity & rawness for a couple of hours.


What's your favourite winter drink or recipe?

I’m currently sipping a blend of rose, ginger and chamomile tea which I’m absolutely loving. Food-wise, I can’t get past a good spiced-pumpkin soup.


Kim Campbell - The Matakana Naturopath

If four words could heal the world, what would you say?

“Strive to be happy”  - these four words finish an honest piece written by Max Ehrmann back in 1927 ‘Desiderata’ - definitely worth reading the full text!


What's the best piece of advice you have been given and how have you applied it?

“It is with 100% certainty that the sun will rise tomorrow - each day brings a new opportunity to start again” - I think about this when I’ve had a rough day, knowing that I can go to sleep and will 100% without a doubt wake up with a fresh mind and different perspective to the day before.


What are your top three favourite products at Tea & Tonic and why?

  1. Green Cedar by Abel - this has to be the world’s best natural perfume! Made by using sustainable and fair-trade practices, I can’t get enough of this sultry, smokey cedar scent!

  2. Frolic’s blush tumblers - I love these, they hold the perfect amount of tea and fit snug within the hands. Like drinking tea from a little cloud. Having been made right here in Matakana from an amazingly talented woman is just a bonus.

  3. Country Kitchen’s Rose & Marshmallow Face Cream  - I am obsessed with the smell of rose geranium! Amongst a blend of beautiful botanicals grown locally, rose geranium is used in this deliciously, nourishing face cream

Anything else you would like to share/tell us/give voice to?

Keep an eye out for upcoming workshops, talks and wellness retreats by following me on Instagram @thematakananaturopath & @kana_retreats, book in for a private one-on-one for a natural approach to your health, or simply drop in and say hi on Wednesdays at Tea & Tonic. 

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