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Pleasure in Presence - Drinking Tea

Whether you have a classic PG tips with a ginger nut or your liquorice root blend tea with a raw slice - the magic is in the moment.

How are you drinking your tea?
You’ve got your favourite Frolic ceramic mug, the diffuser going with a mix of sweet lavender and sage, a soft tune playing in the background and your legs in the sun. Perhaps there is a big ‘to do’ list hanging over you but for now, there is so much pleasure and joy to notice - so soak it up!

This time of year we feel solar charged. We have more sun hours in the day and we quickly fill them up with all the THINGS. The energy around us is buzzing, accompanied by a feeling of always being in a rush. 

It is times like these we need to stick to our rituals and routines that top up our cup - even though, it's those very rituals that seem to get cut first from the list of things to do. 

Lean in to your adaptability to flow with change by using:

  • Ashwaganda: supplied by Sattva Botanicals and Sattva Soul or loose from our tea collection in store. 
  • Magnesium: the first mineral our body soaks up when we are stressed. You'll find magnesium in our BePure range. 
  • Flower essences to help you stay calm and relaxed in each moment.

And most importantly, breathe.

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