Summer season is in full swing and we tend to give a lot of energy to others and extend ourselves throughout the long days. 

My go to remedies:

Nux vomica 30c - great for over-indulgence, nausea, irritability.

Belladonna 30c - sunburn, fever, hayfever.

Be Pure Magnesium Restore - the first mineral in your body to be used when you're stressed is magnesium, so it's always a good time to top it up.

Artemis Liver Detox Tea - your liver has got to be one of your hardest working organs in your body so it's never a bad time to look after your liver. 


My go to rituals:

Meditation - even if it's 5 minutes of intentional breathing. 

Morning stretch - trust me, you'll feel 100 times better for it. 

Coconut water - because hydration is the new sexy. 


It all comes down to the basics to keep your foundation strong.
What remedies, tinctures and rituals keep your cup topped up?