Upcoming Events in 2024 - Tea & Tonic Matakana

Upcoming Events in 2024

Dive into holistic well-being with our upcoming events.

Join Caitlyn Cook's workshop, "Out of the Mind and into the Body," for practical somatic tools. Jonathan Evatt leads a weekly meditation via Zoom, while Fleur Heaton offers a serene "Tea Ceremony" rooted in ancient Chinese tradition. These events promise moments of stillness, simplicity, and connection with mind, body, and spirit.

Out of the Mind and into the Body with Caitlyn Cook

Using mindful somatic and tantric-inspired tools this workshop is designed to bring you back to your body.

This is not just theory but practice so you can experience changes in the moment and learn the tools to use daily. These can be applied to living a mindful life, at work, with your family and to support intimacy with yourself and those you love.

Tuesday 13 February 7.30pm - $75 per person, $65 if you bring a friend.

Monday meditation with Jonathan Evatt

Jonathan is a skillful meditation facilitator with a lifetime of experience teaching internationally.

We are lucky to have his presence via Zoom each week so you can join from home or meet in-store. He teaches simple yet profound meditation techniques to bring you into a relationship with your spirit.

By koha. Each Monday at 6.45 for one hour in-store or online.

Tea Ceremony with Fleur Heaton

Cha Dao is a path to enlightenment by "The Way of Tea" through the practice of emptiness. It comes to us through ancient Chinese lineage which is held with the deepest reverence to the teachers that bestowed this wisdom of this gentle plant medicine.

It's a Ceremonial elemental meditation, that invites in stillness and receptivity to be served. This practice is done in silence with the tea plant where it is served in rounds of bowls. It is a meditative practice that harnesses the yin and yang energies and ancient Chinese lineage of tea ceremony.  With the underlying principle of nature, as we raise our bowls we see ourselves in the elements of the practice, inviting in the simplicity of tea as a daily practice.

This is for anyone who wishes to sit in simplicity, stillness and beauty under the trees outside Tea and Tonic. 

Wednesday 21 February 10am, weather pending, suggested koha $25.

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