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Vetiver – Grounding, Sensual, Relaxing

Amber from the Tea and Tonic shares with us her favourite scent from the Abel fragrance range.

My favourite scent in the Abel range is the White Vetiver. The light citrus tones of lime and spearmint combine with the warming grounding properties of vetiver to create a perfect day scent.

Vetiver is a fast growing perennial grass from the Poaceae family of plants which also includes lemongrass and citronella. It has a large, interlinked root system which is soaked first so the oil rises and is then used for incense and perfume production. Traditionally it is known as the tranquillity oil.

Being the air sign of Libra and with very little earth in my astrological chart I find it a daily challenge to stay embodied. Practising yoga & having simple rituals helps me keep my balance but I do find it a practice to keep my equilibrium. Spraying a little white vetiver on my wrists each morning helps me prepare for the day and set the right intention to be alert and aware, settled and calm within.

I find this scent settles beautifully on my skin and can be layered with any other fragrance from the Abel range or lifted again with another light spray early afternoon or eve.

Calming, grounding and soothing the white vetiver is my first choice to support more balance, harmony and ease.

Amber x

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