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Walking off the Winter Blues

If you need motivation, there are so many benefits of walking!

It helps with insulin resistance, cognitive decline, hormone health, blood & lymphatic circulation, and the obvious - general fitness. 

How is it possible that walking can help your winter blues and mental health?

Forward movement (simply moving and propelling yourself forward through walking, swimming, biking) suppresses the brain’s fear response and encourages us to be more courageous and confrontational. By moving forward and using your breath you encourage dopamine (happy hormone), allowing you to let go of anxiety and worries. 

So do you have to walk 10,000 steps to feel this benefit? 

No. That number is a great goal if you'd like to work up to it but even 5 minutes of walking outside in nature is enough to get the blood circulating. Sometimes I just walk till my feet are warm. 

You can also break your walks up, doing three 5 minute walks a day. Do what works for you but consistency is key. 

If you're wanting extra support during winter use Organic Brain Boost or Be Pure Vitamin D. And don't forget to use Bug Repellent Spray when you're out and about on your walks. 

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