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20+ Simple Ways to Improve your Days

The way we wake, rise and run our mornings can affect our mood, focus and fun for the day.

We've made a list of simple easy rituals we love to implement to improve our wellbeing. Perhaps you'd like to select one or two ideas to try over a week and see what works for you?
  1. Scrape your tongue first thing in the morning and whenever you start to feel unwell to help detoxify.
  2. Coconut pull for five to twenty minutes while you are getting ready for healthy teeth and gums. Coconut pulling is the process in which a person swishes coconut oil in their mouth and around their teeth.
  3. Do five sun salutes to limber your body and mind.
  4. Dab a little Vetiver, Bergamot and Clary Sage Essential Oil on your wrists to stay grounded, calm, embodied and balanced.
  5. Boost other people - compliment those around you when you notice something you authentically appreciate. This will elevate everyone's dopamine!
  6. Make your lunch so you’re well fuelled and can eat when you’re hungry to honour your natural signals.
  7. Have something yummy to start the day be it a coffee, smoothie, porridge or fruit and really enjoy it. Eat slowly and chew well.
  8. Take a few breaths tuning into the warmth of the sun (even if it’s raining) and let this warmth permeate your whole being.
  9. Set an intention for the day that helps guide and align you with your bigger goals or practice an edge you’re growing into.
  10. Carry snacks with you so you’re as happy as a pre-schooler.
  11. Take three deep breaths as you travel out into the world preparing yourself for the day ahead to be your best self.
  12. Let yourself have a natural sleep in at least once per week. For the rest of the week aim to rise early so you can get ready without being stressed or too rushed. If you find yourself waking in the night or need some help to rest, use our Eye Pillow.
  13. Add a few fresh herbs or citrus and a little salt to your water and carry a bottle with you so your electrolytes stay balanced over the day.
  14. Take a tablespoon of good quality honey and/or your supplements just before you head out the door for extra immune support. 
  15. Wear a good quality sunscreen 365 days of the year to protect your precious skin.
  16. Wear less make up to show off your great features and let your natural beauty shine through. It’s nice to see someone comfortable in their skin and using sustainable products. The Maryse highlighter creams add a lovely glow.
  17. Remember you can say “no” or “can I think about it?" as often as you need to keep your mind, body and own needs in balance.
  18. Fuel up on water in the morning so you have a good flush and cleanse before 11 am.
  19. Make sure you’re comfortable with what you wear so that you can be at ease and not have to rip your bra off at the end of the day. Think a simple silk dress.
  20. Kiss and hug your loved ones goodbye and mention something you’re looking forward to sharing with them – dinner, seeing them that night or in the weekend, their beautiful face.
  21. If you can walk to work, park a little distance away or get off the bus a stop early to soak up the morning and give yourself some space.
  22. Take a moment to pause and breathe as you transition from one activity to the next so you stay grounded, don’t lose your things and are ready for whatever life presents moment by moment.
  23. Take a look in the mirror and affirm yourself throughout the day – words of encouragement and self care help all those around you too.
  24. Remember and remind yourself and others – you’re enough, you’re growing, learning, trying your best. You can do this.

Let us know your morning rituals and tips to set up a great day. We always love hearing from you. XX 

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