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Sattva Soul Copper Tongue Scraper

Sattva Soul Copper Tongue Scraper

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Sattva Soul

The ancient practice of tongue scraping is used to remove excess build up on your tongue & can reduce bacteria by 80%.

The health of our tongue tells a lot about the overall health of our body and it is one of the first places toxins are dumped. Using a copper tongue scraper helps to eliminate these toxins and is great for reducing bad breath.


Rinse & clean your tongue scraper before use and use first thing in the morning before brushing your teeth. It may also be used before meals and if you are starting to feel unwell and notice a coating on your tongue.

Use gently and complete your oral care with brushing & coconut oil pulling. We recommend selecting a Maxwell & McIntyre tooth paste & a bamboo toothbrush.

A wholefoods diet, oil pulling, water flossing, supplements and tongue scraping all help maintain impeccable oral health.

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