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Father's Day Gifting Guide

The girls at Tea & Tonic have pulled together a list of great gift ideas for the Dads in your life. 

We see the Dad’s showing up for family, friends, community, extending themselves, leaning in and learning how to communicate, love and parent. We want to support and acknowledge all that fathers do and remind them that the best thing they can offer anyone around them is their presence. That’s enough.

Gifts are a way of saying I love you, but we encourage you to learn your Dad’s love language, be it acts of service, words of affirmation, bear hugs, work in the garden, on the farm, a foot rub or offering him a night off.

We can all love each other better.

Here is a list of what we use and could help make your Father’s day one of appreciation, care and love.
  1. Ti Point Olive Oil - it's perfect for the foodie Dad who loves salad dressings, marinades and the best quality local produce.
  2. Aleppo Soap -this beautiful soap has multiple uses and can be used  a soap, shampoo, face mask or shaving cream. 
  3. Imperial Early Grey by Storm & India - an aromatic tea that awakens the senses with its floral bouquet and delicious smoky undertone. This is for the father who loves to sit down, read a book and relax. 
  4. Abel Fragrances - a fragrance for those who love to push at the boundaries and wear something natural and fresh.
  5. Aotea Kawakawa Balm - this is perfect for dry lips, skin irritations (like eczema), as well as bites and sores.
  6. Mushroom Powders - offering immunity, energy and support these mushrooms can be added to coffee, miso, broth and winter dishes.
  7. Mangawhai Honey - honey truly is a gift from heaven especially when it comes from happy local hives. Use it to sweeten your coffee or eat off the spoon for a dose of natural medicine.
  8. For the surfer Dad in your life - we recommend Ear Candles to clear blocked ears and sinuses. Come in store to pick one up or book in your Dad an ear candling session with Paige or Lauren.
  9. Kawakawa & Hemp Headling Balm by Country Kitchen - this is perfect for beards, sore bodies, scratches and bumps. It’s a great gift for Dad coming into summer.
  10. A Beeswax Candle - this is a relaxing gift for the Dad who needs a night off to unwind.

We look forward to seeing you in store and be in touch for more gift ideas, to book a massage or ear candling.

Father's Day Gift Guide

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