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How to start the day on the right foot

Set yourself up to start the day on the right foot with Amber's guide to wellness. Create healthy habits to start seeing a difference in yourself.

When you wake up give yourself a stretch and a quick massage of your tummy in a clockwise direction to connect with your body.

Use a tongue scraper to remove any toxins that have been released over night and use a natural toothpaste so you have a clean fresh mouth to speak kindly from.

Hydrate yourself with a warming tea or water and lemon and wait at least twenty mins before having breakfast to fuel up for the morning.

Get out for a walk or do a few stretches to shake off any dross and energise yourself.

Take five mins to meditate, setting your intention for the day ahead and visualising yourself using your tools when you may be stressed or thrown off balance.

Have a yummy breakfast like bircher muesli, a fresh fruit salad or green smoothie and pack something for a snack mid morning, like fruits and nuts.

Enjoy creating your appearance for the day knowing the way you move and present yourself can bring much joy to others.

On the way out the door take three conscious breaths as you step into the day. Use this to calm yourself if you are feeling rattled or off centre at any time.

Have a few words in mind to use as an affirmation during the day when things can get sticky. “I am calm” “I can handle this with grace” "I will choose to see the beauty today” "I can respond with peace rather than needing to be right.”

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