The trees have their root systems, the mushrooms have their mycelium networks and we have our nervous system. Your brain and spinal cord are your central nervous system, then follows the roots of nerves extending out to organs, muscles, tissues - connecting all 30 trillion cells in your body.
This creates the interconnectedness in your body and the world around you. 


Take a deep breath.

Where are you feeling connected in your body?

Where are you feeling disconnected?

Just notice.


There are specific herbs and natural remedies that aid our nervous system, they are called Nervines. 
To calm the nervous system you can use: chamomile, ashwaganda, kava, lavender. 
To gently activate the nervous system try using: ginger, rosemary, peppermint, damiana. 

These are all available in store or perhaps in your garden!

The best way to stay connected to your nervous system is through awareness. Take moments throughout the day to pause, notice and move with intention.