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What's the point of Breast Massage?

Charlotte Keirle, from Fountain of Youth encourages us to look after ourselves with self care and breast massage. 

What is self care you ask and why would I massage my breasts?

Self care looks different to everyone and for some people it may be a new concept. How can you have time to look after yourself when you have work to do, mouths to feed, laundry piling up, a house that needs tidying, etc? The lists are endless.

The thing is... we get told on an aeroplane to put our oxygen mask on before helping others... this is because if we are not thriving then how can we help others?

By giving our self some extra care in a daily basis we are actually able to give more to others.

If our cup is full, it flows more easily.

If we are depleted and empty how can we help anyone else?

Self care isn’t selfish or indulgent... it’s actually an imperative!

For me as a fairly new mum, self care means giving myself breakfast before my baby, staying extra hydrated as I’m breast feeding and taking time after my daily shower to nourish myself with my Fountain of Youth breast care oil. It’s organic and super safe (even for breast feeding) and it absorbs into my skin amazingly fast without leaving any oily residue.

It’s not only for breast feeding mums (although it is great for sore nipples) - I used it before babies were even an idea and it made my breasts feel great. I had always had a bit of a complex about them being too small.... as soon as I gave them some extra love and attention they actually felt fuller and the little lumpy bumpy cysts that had been detected in a scan disappeared!

The reason I first made this oil three years ago was because my friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and I wanted her to have something to use after surgery to help with the scar tissue. A link to the emotional part of breast cancer for many women is that they do not nourish themselves and I totally understand as we want to look after our families BUT it is so important that we nourish ourselves.

Try looking out for yourself first. Like I said, self care is imperative to be able to help your cup flow more easier.  

Note: If you are breast feeding please wipe the oil off your nipples - it is not recommend a baby or anyone else ingests the oil.

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