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What's Tongue Scraping About?

When I get asked what three things I would take with me to a dessert island, one of them is my tongue scraper!

When I studied Ayurveda at Wellpark College over 20 years ago I was introduced to a copper tongue scraper and it was life changing. They come in a rounded curve in a range of materials, most predominately copper and silver & the shape allows you to scrape down your tongue removing any toxins that present.

Many people say why would you use a tongue scraper when you can use your toothbrush or a spoon? I encourage you to try and see what a difference it makes. A tongue scraper is designed to remove the toxins that have been dumped by the liver on your tongue overnight. It leaves your mouth fresh and clean.

You can also use it before a meal to help prevent ingesting any toxins your body has worked to release, or when you are feeling unwell and you notice a furry coating has appeared on your tongue.

I love starting the day with a clean fresh mouth routine that can include tongue scraping, brushing & oil pulling.

Trust me, you and your lovers will love it.


Tongue Scrapper
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