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Why we love Artemis

As a retailer we want to simplify our offerings and make it easy for our customers to select what they need for herbal products. We do the research and believe with Artemis we have found the best herbal company in New Zealand.

We love how they are a New Zealand made and woman owned business. We love the story behind Artemis and the commitment Sandra and her team have to quality.

Artemis invests in scientific research & follows scientific studies to ensure they are at the forefront of the latest knowledge. At the same time they take a holistic approach using proven remedies passed down from generation to generation. Combining this deep knowledge with science makes their products relevant and accessible today.

Artemis scours the world, including our own backyard for the best plant ingredients. They visit their growers and suppliers and spend years building relationships and friendships with them. They know where and how their plants are grown, ensuring the plants are sustainably sourced and harvested with minimal impact on the environment. In some cases, such as Central Otago Thyme and St John's Wort, they carry out that harvest themselves.

They use certified organic or wild harvested plants whenever possible as they know the benefits of organic farming. Healthy soil and practices increase plants' medicinal properties. Combining this commitment with the latest harvest of fresh plant extracts Artemis teas and tonics have high levels of naturally occurring essential oils. These powerful plant compounds are easily utilised by the body offering many therapeutic qualities.

Artemis does not include anything in their products unless it has earned a purpose for being there.

Our friends and customers love the following teas in particular: Deep Sleep, Rest and Relax, Immune Plus and for a safe gentle detox; the Liver Detox and Kidney Cleanse Teas.

We take great care in knowing our suppliers, their story, their products, where and how they are made. We only bring you a carefully curated selection of brands we believe in, that consider their environmental impact. Everything we stock we use ourselves and recommend to our friends and family.

As always we are aligned to the same values Artemis holds: deep caring for self, others and planet, a commitment to what works using only quality natural and organic ingredients and being guardians of nature and healing so all generations & the earth may benefit.

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