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Absolute Essential Citronella

Absolute Essential Citronella

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Absolute Essential

Used extensively as an effective natural repellent, Citronella has a variety of active properties that offer useful applications on your body, in your garden, on your pets and in your home. Its refreshing, lemon-sweet fragrance and stimulating qualities are cleansing tonic for a range of therapeutic uses.


Cintronella blends well with Geranium, all Eucalyptus oils & Lemongrass.




As an insect repellent:

�Diffuse a few drops in a diffuser add to a carrier oil and apply to the skin to repel annoying insects.


For plant pests:

�Citronella can be added to a little warm water, shaken vigorously and sprayed on your lettuce to repel pests, repeat 3 days in a row. This is non toxic.


As a cat repellent:

�Spray 20 drops of citronella diluted in 200 ml of warm water where cats scratch or urinate. They dislike the scent and will avoid these areas. It is safe for use on furniture.


As a flea repellent:

�Add 20 drops of citronella and 20 drops of Eucalyptus to warm water and spray on carpet and furniture. Repeat as required.



Cymbopogon Wintrianus Leaf.



Safety considerations:


Essential oils are potent plant medicine. Please use as advised.


10 ml.


Made in New Zealand.

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