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Absolute Essential Frankincense

Absolute Essential Frankincense

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Absolute Essential

This oil has been used for thousands of years in worship and rituals as a mediator between the material and spiritual worlds. It has relaxing, inspiring qualities that can be used to promote calm, lift the spirit and to encourage the release of unconscious stress. Frankincense also has significant nutritional and hydrating properties to support healthy skin tone and revitalisation.


Frankincense blends well with all Citrus oils, Myrrh, Sandalwood & Geranium. 




For skin care:

�This oil has excellent tonic properties that can be used to support healthy, toned skin. Add 5 drops to 100g of moisturiser and apply nightly.


To ease nightmares:

�To promote relaxation and mental quiet, for a calm sleep process, add 5 drops of Frankincense to a diffuser in the bedroom.


To reduce stress & support sleep:

�To create a calm atmosphere and support a relaxed quiet mind, add 3 - 5 drops to a diffuser or bath.


For a deep spiritual connection:

�Use the time honoured qualities of Frankincense to create a meditative atmosphere with inspirational qualities. Diffuse 3 - 5 drops in a diffuser and in your ritual practices.



Ingredients: Boswellia Carterii resin - Distilled - Wild Grown Somailia.


Safety considerations:


Essential oils are potent plant medicine, please use advised.



5 ml.

10 ml.

Made in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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