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Absolute Essential Rosemary Cineol

Absolute Essential Rosemary Cineol

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Absolute Essential

Rosemary Cineol is a versatile essential oil with antiseptic and tonic properties that is thought to purify the spirit and focus the mind.

Uplifting and lively, it offers a great way to complement alertness and creativity. Use it to support normal concentration against unsettled thinking and mental fatigue. Its clear, vital tones can be used to assist healthy breathing and digestion.

Rosemary Cineol also aids regular circulation and is useful for muscle and skin therapy.


Rosemary Cineol blends well with Basil, Bergamot & Peppermint.



For alertness:
The vital, clear tones can be used as a wake up to tired senses. Diffuse into your space to create an environment conducive to clear, effective thinking. You can also rub on pulse points or infuse a tissue to promote the same energy shift. Rosemary is particularly beneficial as a driving companion.


For digestion:
This oil supports the healthy production of bile, essential for efficient digestion of fatty food. It can be diffused into a room at mealtime or incorporated into the cooking of fatty foods.


For muscles:
Rosemary is an excellent tonic to follow vigorous exercise. It can be used to create a therapeutic bath or diluted for massage.



Rosmarinus Officinalis Cineol Leaf/Flower -Distillation -Certified Organic France.


Safety considerations:

Rosemary is considered too stimulating for some people who suffer from epilepsy or high blood pressure.

Essential oils are potent plant medicine, please use as advised.


10 ml.


Made in Aotearoa New Zealand.h

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