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Sage oil has a range of healing and cleansing properties and a grounding effect that can be used to help promote natural tranquility and composure.

It may be especially useful as a natural response to mental strain and exhaustion.

It also supports hormone balance and is tonic for the digestive process.



Sage blends well with Rose, Sandalwood & all Eucalyptus oils.





Salvia officinalis - Plant/Flower - Distillation - Certified Organic France.





Calm and Peace

A gentle sense of optimism and tranquillity is nurtured with 1-2 drops Sage and 4-5 drops Lemon to a diffuser, replenish as required. May be useful as a counter to sadness or mental strain.



Sage supports the healthy function of the endocrine system, which in turn regulates hormone balance and reproductive functions. Add 2 drops Sage, 4 drops Rose or Geranium Rose to hot-warm water, soak and wring cloth, apply compress to the lower abdomen. Repeat regularly.



Sage assists healthy mental and physical performance. A diffusion with 1-2 drops of Sage oil may have particular therapeutic benefit following illness or mental strain.



Safety considerations:


Sage is a reported abortifacient therefore avoid during pregnancy, breast-feeding and on babies/children. Do not use where epilepsy is suspected. Do not use where cancerous conditions exist. Due to its high percentage of ketones (approx. 60%) sage must always be used in small dosages and only where the above conditions are not present.  


Essential oils are potent plant medicine, please use as advised.