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Absolute Essential Uplift

Absolute Essential Uplift

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Absolute Essential

When life takes us through difficult terrain remembering to maintain a sense of humour and perspective is invaluable protection. This all-natural blend contains light, upbeat oils with calming and inspiring qualities designed to support a positive outlook and healthy balance. Don't trap yourself in cycles of tension and heaviness, give life a lift.


Suitable for diffusion, perfume, bath or diluted for massage (see directions).



For emotional lows:
Find a pathway through difficult periods of sadness and heavy energy. A diffusion or massage of therapeutic oils is a healthy way of supporting natural relaxation of mind and body and redressing energy flow.


��To support humour:
The more we can relax and remain light in the face of difficulties, the easier it is to laugh and maintain self-esteem. Keep Life Lift on hand for those challenging moments (rub on your pulse points when rush hour traffic grinds to a standstill).


To creat easy space:
Diffuse this blend into any social environment and benefit from the uplifting, calming aromas that are woven into the atmosphere.


For diffusion:  add 10 drops, allow 10 minutes and replenish as required.


As a perfume: add a few drops on your collar.


For the bath: add 5-10 drops mixed into bath water.


For massage: Blend 5 drops to 1 teaspoon of Pure Unscented Body Oil (organic) or Pure Unscented Body Cream or Lotion (organic).


Ingredients: Grapefruit* • Rosemary Cineol* • Petitgrain Bigarade* • Lemon* • Bergamont* • Lime.

*Organic ingredients.

Safety considerations:

Essential oil are potent plant medicine, please use as advised.


10 ml.

Made in Aotearoa New Zealand. 

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