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Artemis De-Stress Tea

Artemis De-Stress Tea

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If you tend to worry feelings of anxiousness can build up & keep you up at night. De-Stress Tea is traditional plant medicine to help you cope with feelings of worry, tension and tiredness. It helps nourish your exhausted nervous system and relax your busy mind. At night, it supports adrenal recovery. The adrenal glands are vital to your wellbeing as they play an important role in producing hormones, particularly during times of stress.


When you need calm, take De-Stress tea.



Use 1 level tsp (1g) per cup (150ml) and infuse with boiling water for 5-10 minutes.


Special instructions: Shake contents before opening. For children, make an adult dose and extract the required mls. 


Organic ingredients:

Chamomile • Lavender • Lemon Balm • Licorice Root • Passionflower • St John’s Wort


Available in 30 & 60 grams.

Made in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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