Kawakawa & Hemp Healing Balm

Kawakawa & Hemp Healing Balm

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Glides on easy for use on larger irritated areas on the skin such as dermatitis, rashes and scrapes. (For small cuts, wounds, eczema and bug bites, use the Heal Cream). Also note that this herbal infused balm is to be used when a wound, cut or scrape has stopped weeping, when its strength is to barrier and heal the top layers, preventing and softening scars. As a potent healer, this balm is an essential for any first aid kit.


Organic Ingredients:

Hemp oil infused with foraged medicinals and wild harvested Kawa kawa & Manuka.

Manuka oil, KawaKawa oil (harvested with Ronga principles), New Zealand Cold-pressed Hemp oil, Chickweed, Melissa Balm, Plantain, Yarrow.

Essential oils of Lemon, Tea Tree, Yarrow, Oregano and Manuka.