Coconut Oil Toothpaste

Coconut Oil Toothpaste

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This Coconut Oil Toothpaste harnesses the fantastic qualities of organic coconut and peppermint to make this great toothpaste. It is 100% natural, tastes amazing, and naturally cleans and whitens teeth.

It is non-foaming and a little salty compared to conventional toothpastes because it doesn't contain any foaming agents, artificial sweeteners or any other nasty chemicals. It will leave your mouth truly refreshed with a clear, neutral palate and squeaky clean teeth.


Free from Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Triclosan, Sodium Flouride, Artificial Colours & Preservatives.


Handmade with love in Leigh, New Zealand.


Ingredients: Organic Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil, Calcium Carbonate, Xylitol, Baking Soda, Organic Peppermint Oil, Spearmint Oil, Aniseed Oil, Xanthum Gum, UV Treated Water.