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The Olfactory 2 Body

The Olfactory 2 Body

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The Olfactory

A spicy, complex scent that oozes unabashed sensuality as rich notes of Oudh and Cedarwood create an emanating warmth. Osmanthus and Vetiver strike a syrupy balance between caramel and wood.  To top it off, a lively sprinkle of Lemongrass and Angelica seed has been added.


This scent is designed to promote physical and emotional intimacy and is layered with aphrodisiacs.




Lemongrass • Angelica • Rosewood • Osmanthus • Geranium • Lavender • Elemi • Vetiver • Oudh • Cedarwood • Guaicawood • Sandalwood • Oakmoss • Ambergris.


Safety considerations:


Avoid during pregnancy.


15 ml.


Made in New Zealand.



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