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Abel Fragrance Black Anise Eau de Parfum

Abel Fragrance Black Anise Eau de Parfum

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Abel Fragrance

Discover the bold and alluring aroma of Black Anise, a vibrant and smoky amber Eau de Parfum that will captivate your senses. With star anise as its top note, this 100% natural perfume unveils a heart of black currant and cacao that blends seamlessly with a tobacco base, creating a unique and powerful scent.

Black Anise is not your typical natural perfume. It's edgy and intense, yet Abel's commitment to using only pure and high-quality ingredients results in a surprisingly wearable fragrance. The heart notes offer a richness and purity that's unexpected but captivating. Experience the unparalleled sophistication of Black Anise and elevate your fragrance game. 

For nearly ten years, Abel has been developing the finest 100% natural fragrances, while maintaining ethical and aesthetic standards. Frances Shoemack, who was dissatisfied with applying harmful chemicals to her skin and the environment's negative effects, was unable to find a genuinely natural perfume. As a result, the concept for Abel was created. Isaac Sinclair, a fellow New Zealander and Master Perfumer, was Shoemack's initial collaborator in their mission to transform the industry. They collaborated on a perfume that is both completely natural and contemporary, and can compete with the world's top fragrances.

Ingredients + origin
Hexenyl Butyrate Cis-3 Nat. Red Fruit Note
Clary Sage Abs. France
Hexyl Acetate Nat.  Apple Note
Decalactone Gamma Nat. Cacao Note
Ethyl Methyl Butyrate-2 Nat.  Berry Note
Davana Oil. India
Cassis Abs. Burgundy. France
Coffee Pfico Extract Co2. Arabica Blend
Damascenone Beta Nat. Dark Rose Note
Star Anise Oil. China
Anethol Nat. Ex Star Anise
Vanillin Biotech Vanilla Note
Tolu Balsam. El Salvador
Apricot Seed Oil (Bitter Almond Oil). Morocco
Cedarwood Oil. China
Patchouli Oil. Indonesia
Guaiac Wood Oil Paraguay
Cade Oil Rect. India.
Cistus Labdanum Abs. Spain
Ambroxan Ambergris Note
Ambrettolide Biotech Musk Note

Potential allergens

Farnesol / Farnesol
Benzyl benzoate 
Benzyl alcohol

Available in 15 & 50 mls.


Made in Holland.


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